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Syukaen Yunohanazen

Syukaen Yunohanazen
Company Information
Hours of Operation Check-in: 3:00pm / Check-out: 10:00am
Company Introduction

Shuhanaen Yunozen, an inn with a view that spreads out, offers hospitality with carefully selected baths, dishes, and flowers.

This is a long-established ryokan that continues for three generations in Atami, which is famous for its open-air bath "Tsukishita Bijin," which has a superb view, and "kaiseki cuisine," which is highly evaluated by hotel reviews. We will send you useful information.

Shukaen Yunozen is located in Atami Onsen and is a popular hot spring inn with guest rooms equipped with an open-air bath. There is also an open-air bath in the ryokan where you can overlook Atami, so you can fully enjoy the sea of Atami. At this ryokan, you can enjoy the four seasons of Izu and Atami with carefully selected ingredients by the head chef.

Located in front of Atami Port. A Japanese-style beach ryokan overlooking Atami Bay from all guest rooms and public baths. 25 guest rooms overlooking the sea from the open-air bath in guest rooms with an open-air bath. In particular, the open-air bath with an outlook, "Tsukishita Bijin" is a representative ryokan in Atami that is also introduced in the media.
It is a ryokan with high-rated kaiseki cuisine and views.


Company Services

Hot Spring
The night view of the city of Atami seen from the large public bath on the rooftop makes you feel the romance of the journey.
In addition, the view of Atami Bay where the morning sun is dazzling is also a highlight.


The large communal bath on the top floor is a bath in the view where you can relax

Take a night view of Atami with the turtle bath on the roof that can be occupied.

Guest Room
A space where you can relax slowly. In the guest room, the landlady is particular, and all the flowers are live. Looking at the windows, you can see the beautiful Sagami Bay, the townscape of Atami, and the sea and the night view of Atami from all the rooms, and you can see the Atami Fireworks Display in front of you.


All the rooms of the hotel are facing the sea. The charm is that you can spend a relaxing and luxurious time while looking at the sea of ​​Atami.

Dishes that creates a peaceful and festive moment. We will carefully examine the bounties of nature and the fresh seasonal ingredients of each season, and deliver them to Zen.
The chef carefully selects the ingredients that are unique to Izu, and is a proud dish that makes full use of the original taste of the ingredients. Please enjoy the seasonal taste that can only be eaten in that season.
* We may not be able to meet your request depending on the season. Please contact us when making a reservation.


Lobby "Nagisa no Hana"
When you enter the front facing the sea, you can enjoy the fashionable Japanese style of the beach. We welcome our customers with such a modern "fashion". Please use it to meet your companion.
* Open as a night club at night.
* Mizuki is closed on the nightclub. Those who use Mizuki must make a reservation in advance.

Souvenir shop "Hanazakari"
We offer not only seafood, but also original souvenirs from this museum.

Lounge "Flower Season"
The excitement of a trip is that you will be thrilled by a wonderful encounter. We provide such a convenient "place" for you.
* Open only in the morning.

Conference room
The bright meeting room that can be used by 45 people can be divided according to your needs. We also have Wi-Fi facilities, so please use it.

Banquet hall
For the best taste, we carefully examine the seafood that is caught in Atami Bay in front of you. The liveliness of dancing with your tongue.
I want to see this taste again and come here ...

One Day Plan Guide   ℘   Group Plan Guide

At the time of rest to heal your body and soul. A reward for yourself who works harder than usual. Would you like to spend a beautiful and relaxing time?

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Syukaen Yunohanazen

GET ¥1000 OFF

Syukaen Yunohanazen

GET ¥1000 OFF

Syukaen Yunohanazen