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L'Oasi Pizzeria

Company Information
Hours of Operation Lunch: 11:30am~1:30pm L.O. * Café: 1:30pm~3:00pm Close * Dinner: 6:00pm~8:30pm L.O.
Company Introduction

"L'OASI" means
Oasis in Italian [Place of relaxation and place of relaxation]

We chose the store name with the hope that it can become an oasis in your daily life.
We provide a space where you can relax, whether you are alone or with a group of friends, children, or your family.


How about a glass of wine and an appetizer from one pizza?

A trattoria (popular cafeteria) that you can use casually in all kinds of everyday situations, without having to stretch your shoulders. L'oasi is such a shop of "Napoli Pizza and Southern Italian cuisine".

Company Services






We are happy to take home the popular authentic Neapolitan pizza.

You can easily enjoy the pizzas, which are carefully cooked one by one in a kiln imported directly from Naples by a craftsman who trained in authentic Naples at home!
Of course, all the ingredients for pizza are from Naples. Please use it.


Please call to order >> TEL:055-955-7401

Pizza delivery service will be closed for a while.
 (Due to too few orders for delivery, we cannot arrange a system for delivery.)
 Accepting takeaways delivered over the counter! ! !
Please place your order during business hours (lunch 11:30-13:30L.O dinner 18:00-20:30L.O).
All prices are excluding tax.

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L'Oasi Pizzeria

Get Free Homemade Syrup

L'Oasi Pizzeria

Get Free Homemade Syrup

L'Oasi Pizzeria