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Kani Kazoku

Company Information
Hours of Operation Tuesday to Saturday: 8:30am ~ 6:00pm * Sunday & Monday: Closed
Company Introduction

Delicious bread everyday

Bread shop Kanikazoku is a bakery in Mishima City.
We use reliable and carefully selected ingredients, value the characteristics of the ingredients, and bake bread every day.


In addition, when making bread in Japan, where the four seasons are clear, we deliver original menus for each season.
We will continue to bake such bread that will make you feel delicious every time you eat it.

Company Services

Our popularity ranking

The first place! Water roux bread
Uses domestic wheat Kitano Kaori. Our immovable popular menu with an original branding iron.

2nd place! Cream bun
Homemade custard cooked every day! !!

3rd place! Croissant
The crispy texture that is different from others is popular







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Kani Kazoku

Get 5% Discount

Kani Kazoku

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Kani Kazoku