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BIRCH Ushiwakamaru

Company Information
Hours of Operation Open 10:00-close 20:00 on weekdays * Saturday and Sunday open 9:00-close 18:00
Company Introduction

The first salon in the eastern part of Shizuoka to introduce Wella Professional's highest peak SYSTEM treatment and provide hair care tailored to each customer.


BIRCH stylists are confident in CUT and are good at design colors and perm styles. In the hair care series, the first Wella Professional SYSTEM treatment in the eastern Shizuoka area is very popular, including improving hair quality! !! The representative who honed his skills at a famous store in Tokyo has the highest approval rating from customers. Please feel free to visit us as it is a cozy salon.

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BIRCH Ushiwakamaru

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BIRCH Ushiwakamaru