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Beach Studio

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Beach Studio

Based on the beach front of Izu Shirahama, we propose new value added to lifestyle through artists and creators who love the ocean and their respective filters. Sales, planning, design, interior coordination, web production of original works.

We also collaborate with all brands and companies.

Surf Room

Shizuoka prefecture Izu Shirahama Hotel to be built on the beach front. A café attached to 1F, overlooking the Shirahama coast from the guest room. It is located in the good location of 3 minutes walk to the beach. Art is everywhere in the hall and you can enjoy the view of the world of BEACH STUDIO.

We also sell original apparel, miscellaneous goods, arts etc., surf school, live event, art show etc.

You can also use professional surfers at tournaments etc, as a rental studio for magazine shooting etc.

Company Services

Wall painting, interior coordinating, corporate logo production, web production, apparel production, wholesale, OEM, original goods sales, planning design (event T shirts, flyers, goods, etc.) Hotel, cafe, rental studio, art & resort general store management

The Shop

Hotel & Café: Hotel Surf Room Shirahama

It is located on the hill in front of the white beach main beach. Location that breathes in spite of the beautiful sea blue. The Cafe & Bar is a place to relax for surfers. On the summer evening we are offering BBQ on the terrace where the starry sky can see. Surfing, music and art events are also held.

Space which forgets extraordinary daily life, time to forget, 3 minutes walk to main beach.


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